Fairy Bubbles

An Enchanted Collection Of A Magical World

The Enchanted Pixies and Fairy collection is a mystical, magical place where... 

  • Fairy bubbles are a magical experience. Experience the magic of bubbles from a fairies cauldron. Enjoy the silky feel of skin soothed and weightless.

    While you relax in your tub, subtle notes of calming lavender (or a simple fragrance free) surround you with a sense of serenity and make you feel at peace.

    We were graced by the presence of the fairies and pixies today. They left a Carafe of their magical bubbles to share with you.  Once they saw that I noticed them and was taking pictures, they whispered away into the woods.

    They did leave me a note saying they wanted me to share with you their beautifully jeweled carafe that they keep their calming bubbles in. 

    This exquisitely designed Fairy Bubbles Magical Carafe is the color of sea-glass with diamond sparkles in the carafe to match the exquisite diamond top.

    Take a moment to relax, let the Fairies and Pixies take care of you and your skin. They have created a calming bubble bath for your skin and soul.

    If you believe and stay a while longer in your bubbles from them, you just may enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures that inhabit our earth.