Feel like you are getting sprinkled with pixie dust with every order!


“I am a firm believer of customer service after the sale. I had a few questions about a few things after Lori and I discussed the final plan. She was very quick to respond and answer ALL my questions without me feeling like I was bothering her.” - Deb
"I am so impressed with the entire thing, board and logo. Beautiful job Lori! Your work is exquisite."  ~Robin

 “I find sometimes, it’s hard to believe that there are still good, genuine people out there. I found this kind hearted-soul Lori who is one of those people that you really only come across once in a life-time.” - Amy


 "Hi. Just wanted to say my December box came on Sunday. My husband brings it in and I dropped everything and tore into it like a kid. Again, just perfect. He is very excited for the sourdough crackers & I am more excited about the cookies since I have not been able to find them locally 🎉 I’m ready for our family Christmas dinner in a few weeks.  Thank you for a wonderful gift every month!" - Tracy


 “Lori went above and beyond in finding out what I wanted. It was never about her. She listened to what I wanted and delivered.” - Lisa

 “I highly recommend you giving Lori a call for your project needs. She is a sweet soft soul that you just need to get to know.” - Tamara

 "Thank you for the delivery! The signs are beautiful and the extra gift is precious! You are so kind. I’m astounded by the packaging and extra special touches. You’ve touched my heart! Such a beautiful person. Have a wonderful day!" - Robin
 "The whole enchilada! I was looking for a wedding gift, and this board set was so well put-together and accessorized! Lots of info about the board, the care, other services connected with the purchase, the little bottle of oil in a little velvet pouch - all the attention to detail included in this one purchase, which was packaged and boxed so neatly. We were just SO pleased. Made in Maine was super-important to us, as the groom that this gift was for was born and grew up here but lives now elsewhere. The wood industry was very big in the area he grew up in, so this was a nod to that, too. It was such a relief to find the perfect gift so well put-together." - Square Review

 "Just want you to know I love my signs!!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer!" - Julie Ann

 Lori… got my first box…incredible. Thank you so much!  - Cheri
"I received my first box today and I love it! I giggled like a crazy woman when I saw my box on my porch step. Perfection! I LOVE everything!" - Tracy